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Furnace Repair in Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo

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Living without a furnace in winters like ours is just an unimaginable thought. Don’t risk it! When your heat is starting to cool off, call us right away. Aircor has been your reliable source for furnace repair in Kitchener and the surrounding areas for years. Just like any hardworking appliance, your furnace needs regular maintenance, service, and the occasional tune-up to function at its best. Luckily you have friends in the business to be there when you need us. Don’t get left out in the cold with a busted heater or furnace that won’t serve you when you need it most.

 Five Reasons Your Furnace Might Fail

While there are many issues that could lead to a furnace malfunction, these are the five most common preventable reasons to keep in mind. Be prepared and make sure to check over your heating system before winter arrives. Cover the basics with this list in mind and then give us a call if your furnace failure persists.

  • Dirty, clogged filters – Every furnace is equipped with a filter to catch dust, pollen, and other airborne particles from circulating throughout your house. When this filter has done its job too well it becomes clogged, preventing the free-flow of air. Better in the filter than your lungs! Make sure you check your filters at least every three months, and replace them when they are clogged beyond functionality. 
  • Malfunctioning thermostat – Your furnace may be running fine! But if the attached thermostat is failing first, then the furnace itself won’t be able to work either. Start with the thermostat and if you can rule that out, then move on to the furnace.
  • Pilot light is out – Depending on the make, model, and age of your furnace it could have a pilot light or electrical ignition to ignite the gas fed system. If either of these ignition sources are not working, then your burners will not be able to produce any heat. Check your system at least once a year to prevent potential failure.
  • Blower motor – There may be heated air readily available, but if your blower is broken then the air cannot circulate throughout the house. Each blower motor is only one part of the system designed to circulate warm air and it needs to be checked regularly. When parts of the system are showing signs of wear and tear, be prepared to replace them.
  • Fuel supply – If your furnace operates on natural gas, then it could be as simple as not having adequate fuel for your furnace. Or there could be a problem with your gas lines, fixtures, and connections. Since this is a potentially volatile system, we recommend you call your professional gas service.

Some furnace problems are simple and some are not. When your furnace is giving you trouble beyond these problems, or you just want a friendly helping hand to take care of everything, call in the pros who know!

When the temperatures start to drop you want to have the peace of mind that your heat works! Don’t wait until there is cause for concern before scheduling your next service and maintenance, but oftentimes when the furnace is working fine we rarely think about it. Aircor and our regular furnace maintenance and cleaning program can help prevent most problems and expensive after-hours emergency issues. For more information on furnace repair Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo, call us today!

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